RTK receivers and base stations for your projects

We build an RTK base station tower network to support precision agriculture services. The network allows to operate agriculture machinery and make measurements with 0 – 4 cm accuracy. RTK Base stations sends RTK correction via LoRa that enables very-long-range transmissions with low power consumption and the Internet

Use our knowledge of mobile app development

Since 2011 our team has been designing mobile and cloud applications for agriculture, we work by constantly iterating, testing and listening to the demands of end users – farmers. We have developed a software platform, using which we can create mobile apps fast using the following array of modular functionality:

User Management
Record keeping

We build apps that support CAN and ISOBUS protocol

We build mobile applications that are able to gather information from the vehicles CAN interface, push it into the cloud and provide telematics or analytics for the customer. We develop mobile applications that utilize communication between tractor and the implement and are lower-cost alternatives to using dedicated ISOBUS terminals. RTK GNSS receivers – FieldBee are CAN and ISOBUS compatible and could be in your projects

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