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Modern farming is not only about using the latest technology. First of all, these are digital solutions that allow you to manage, analyze, plan all the processes on the farm. And in many respects, such technologies are the merit of software developers because even the most productive type of equipment without a program will not be too different from an ordinary tractor or harvester that is driven by a person.

Smart farming software is a comprehensive product that can help you implement multiple functions while reducing the workload of your staff.

What is ag software needed for?

First of all, agriculture software products are in demand for management and monitoring. With their help in different areas, you can perform the following activities:

  • increase the yield of the farm;
  • accurately predict the work plan and the dates of their implementation;
  • monitor the work of farm personnel;
  • reduce the workload on staff, since some of the functions and tasks will be taken over by artificial intelligence;
  • analyze work efficiency and draw up detailed reports;
  • receive the most accurate data from GPS satellites for work in the field;
  • manage fertilizer systems, tractors and combines;
  • quickly find solutions for force majeure situations.

And this is just a general list of functions that precision agriculture software helps a farmer to perform.

We provide farmers throughout the US with up-to-date smart agriculture software that helps in lots of situations from field mapping to auto-steering and GPS RTK signal receiving.

Why should you prefer eFarmer software

Our software for farming is a custom product that can fulfill the requirements of almost every farmer. We provide our customers with special software for agriculture that can be installed on your PCs or smartphones to provide full control over your machinery and computerized equipment. Due to its abilities, our software products will be indispensable as farm mapping software, GPS, auto-steering for tractors and combines. With us, you’ll get a brilliant result that is a combo of your own ideas and precise farming equipment performance.

What makes our products so special you may ask?

  • Ease of work and the ability to train your staff quickly on how to work with an app.
  • Compatibility with all models of field equipment.
  • Advanced functionality, thanks to which you can quickly and accurately perform basic work in the field.
  • Ability to generate reports according to your parameters.

Step ahead of your competitors to get a card-blanche with our precise agriculture software.