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Managing your farm via your smartphone – is it real? We can definitely say it is a part of modern reality as the precise farming concept requires digital solutions that are easy to implement for everyone engaged in AG. Of course, to get all the merits of this type of agricultural processing, you need special farmers apps that will help in every activity you plan on your farm.

So, what are they, mobile applications for farmers? How can you use them? And how to choose the one and only that will be the most convenient to use and profitable? Let’s get it.

Mobile farming Apps in your smartphones

When it comes to modern technologies in agriculture, we imagine the complex processes associated with the management of equipment, planning, mapping, weather forecasts, schemes of work in the field. All this, of course, takes place in farming. And where before agronomists and farmers had to draw up charts and drawings by hand, today digital technologies come to the rescue.

You will hardly surprise anyone with the presence of a computer on the farm – in the era of digitalization, almost all processes have already been transferred to electronic format, from keeping records of equipment or seed to accounting and reports for the tax office.

But progress goes on, and although the computer is needed today, it does not play the main role. For most processes, just a smartphone or tablet is enough! And, of course, it is the smartphone apps in agriculture, with the help of which control is carried out.

How can an agricultural mobile app help? Depending on the specifics of the development, such applications can:


  • Help in drawing up maps and field plans by receiving information from GPS satellites.
  • Draw up fieldwork schedules and keep records of work performed in the field.
  • Create a schedule for farmers – such a checklist will help you develop good habits and not miss important points in the process of soil preparation, sowing, fertilization and cultivation, and harvesting.
  • Smartphone and special applications also help to manage large equipment, for example, tractors or combines.

It was on the last point that we focused on the development of our mobile application for farmers.

Mobile Apps for agriculture by eFarmer

As our company specializes in GPS farming technologies and tractor equipment, it was quite important for us to provide our customers with a top-notch tool to manage the process of fieldwork easily and efficiently. No need to say that a farmer cannot stick to the laptop for hours as there are lots of work to do in the field. So we’ve decided to provide you with a farm mobile app that will help both getting reports from tractors and their GPS modules, planning and mapping and, of course, it is precise auto-steering that is a gem in the crown of our work.

What makes the eFarmer’s mobile app special?

  • It is easy-to-install and to work both.
  • It is provided for all types of Android-based devices.
  • It is compatible with RTK GPS modules and systems.

You are welcome to appreciate all the convenience and profit from using our farming apps for Android OS. Please contact us for details.