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Case Study • Summer 2019

TürkTraktör Autosteer


Turk Tractor was looking for a reliable supplier of affordable Autosteer systems and GPS navigation application for mobile and web usage. The company wanted to test the equipment and software in the real world before purchasing to make sure it meets their requirements.


eFarmer adapted FieldBee GPS mobile application to the company’s needs and supplied Turk Tractor with FieldBee RTK L1 base stations, receivers, and autosteering kits. After we finalized our work with Turk Tractor, they made their demonstration during the Turkish exhibition and now they are using our products in their product line.
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The company manufactures 40 000 machines per year. They were looking for an affordable autosteer and mobile application for their new 100hp CaseIH and New Holland tractors.

We started negotiations with Turk Tractor in 2017 and demonstrated our GPS navigation application and autosteer system including Fieldbee RTK base station and receiver. They were looking for partners to integrate precision farming mobile application and equipment with their tractors for farmers.

Some of their specific requirements included the ability to work wirelessly for maximum portability. A farmer should be able to easily take the smart devices out of the tractor cabin and be able to work with them outside of a field. The equipment also must be compatible with automatic steering systems.

At that time our company was one of the only that offered simple integration with android devices. We made a presentation of our systems and their capabilities.

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This case can be applied to companies that want to integrate automatic steering system and other precision farming equipment and software with their own products.

You can order samples and field testing with the support of our team. We can meet all needed technical requirements, provide localization, technical support, offer training courses for sales teams or technical specialists.

Our Approach

Turk Tractor ordered shipment of precision equipment that we delivered to them in 2018. It was important to create a production-ready installation that includes an automatic steering system. Since the hydraulic steering used in their tractors is very flexible, we offered them three types of hydraulic installation.

They chose the most simple option that required minimum changes to the initial design of their tractors steering system. Also, this installation required the V-angle sensor on the steering wheel so we adapted the configuration of our system according to the requirements for testing.

Turk Tractor decided to make a demo of two installations:

  1. Hydraulic installation (for tractor manufacturing)
  2. Mechanical driving installation (for the sales market)

The goal was to check the quality of the automatic steering system and the comparison between hydraulic and mechanical type of installation.

After processing their order we organized an onsite demonstration of our products. We tested mechanical and hydraulic installation for the first time and made a comparison between them. We found out they almost have the same accuracy. The test case included driving with AB straight lines.

Problems we encountered

Turk Tractor noticed some issues with the quality of radio antenna transmitting correction via RTK signal via radio. During testing, we diagnosed additional issues with wifi that we wanted to solve.

We noticed different reactions of mechanical and hydraulic installation. With the mechanical installation, the steering system worked fine but with the hydraulic steering, it stopped working.

Turk Tractor asked for voice integration in mobile GPS application in case of interruptions in automatic steering session. They also found important to localize application for farmers in the Turkish language

Our Solutions

We detected issues with radio antenna and wifi, changed radio suppliers, replaced antennas and extended the distance from 500 meters to 2.5 kilometers. This solved RTK signal instability and wifi connectivity issues.

During the second demonstration session, we made the integration with the autosteering system more stable and solved issues that we encountered in the first demo.

We made a new user interface design and provided our partner with translation services. After Turk Tractor approved the translation we applied the Turkish language. We also made some extra localization corrections which means that we can do the same for other countries and satisfy the needs of every customer.

Results and conclusions

After field trials, Turk Tractor decided to learn more about our products, technical specifications, including the processes of installation. We organized training sessions that consist of three parts:

  1. Selling best practices;
  2. Installation practices of hydraulic system;
  3. Using our navigation application and RTK base station in the field.

Turk Tractor representatives completed our training course and learned how to install and use our products. After a while, they made their demonstration during the Turkish exhibition and now they use our products in their product line.

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