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We discovered that farmers need hands free steering solutions so we started to develop our own affordable autosteer. We were looking for a partner to integrate an ECU controller with the auto steering controller.


The AgJunction team helped us develop and test a market-ready product with great functionality, competitive pricing and pushed our team forward. Our auto steer solution received positive feedback from farmers all around the world and helped them to reach a new level of productivity.

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8 months of

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Autosteer with
Android app

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Wireless and wired


While searching for a partner to develop an autosteer product we found AgJunction company that had solutions for android services and specialized in the development of a controller for automatic steering. They also had all the necessary hardware crucial for creating wifi interface in the FieldBee tractor navigation app.

Another advantage was they provide a rich SDK for integration and a library that is written in C language. We decided to contact them to ask for help with integration. They gladly agreed to become our partners due to the fact that we share the same values and goals to provide affordable precision solutions for farmers.

AgJunction is a company that provides auto steering solutions and guidance for precision agriculture applications. It is one of the leading companies for providing advanced technology components for agriculture in the world. They are committed to providing affordable hands-free farming to small and big farms with the location in the USA, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our Approach

AgJunction provided us with an ECU controller with the library, source code, guides, and examples of how we can develop it. They made a basic functionality for the android platform, android system, and basic library which supported the Native development kit. This includes basic functionality which can engage/disengage the controller and receive a GPS position from the automatic steering system. Based on this library, we could start integration with our android application.

Android library was necessary for the adoption of our software and development of Android application. At that time we did not have enough resources because our team didn’t have android development experiences to adopt this library. However, we hired a specialist who helped us with porting this library to android devices and that is how we started developing the mobile app.

Problems we encountered

  1. The biggest challenge for us was wifi connection. Specific hardware configuration was not working properly. The controller kept on disconnecting from the application. Because of the signal instability we had constant interruptions of auto steering sessions.
  2. The speed of WiFi connection raised certain limitations in our development process. We discovered that in certain cases wireless connection might cause issues with auto steering precision.
  3. The ECU controller had only access point mode. We could not connect it to an Android device via the internet and engage auto steering through a mobile application interface.
  4. Due to the fact that onsite support takes a lot of time and is not always possible we wanted to make an interface for remote support of auto steer through our Android application.

Our Solutions

  1. To resolve the problem with WiFi connectivity AgJunction provided us with the support and updates of the firmware. So, we calibrated the wifi integration and implemented the necessary interface in our android application.
  2. In case of issues with WiFi connection we added drivers and interface for wired connectivity. Using internet cable helped to achieve good connection speed and signal stability for cases when radio connection won’t work well or causes interruptions for other wireless devices.
  1. We asked AgJunction team to help us with ECU controller mode. They helped us by developing a client mode of WiFi where it will be connected to the android device via the internet and be able to start automatic steering.
  2. If the ECU controller and Android device are connected to the router receiving the wifi connection the interaction is stable. This made it possible to provide a remote support of the ECU controller and Android application.

Results and conclusions

Full development time took about eight months. Two months for the native development kit and additional six months of development of our android application. Field testing also took 4-6 months. We collected feedback from fields and applied them to our products.

Close communication and professional development work of AgJunction team and our developers helped to solve all the issues, test the product and improve it to meet the requirements of any farmer and make the installation and interaction with our product as easy and intuitive as possible.


Mutually beneficial partnership for companies that share the same values and goals can be extremely productive. Pushing the technology forward and speeding up the development of new innovative products to help farmers achieve maximum productivity with spending less time and effort drives our daily work. If these are your thoughts too then do not hesitate to contact us to build better products together.

When a company has a product that they want to integrate with different platforms, devices or software for field operation, we can be helpful and provide development services, testing, support solutions and architecture designed specifically for farmers.

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